Monday, December 8, 2008

Same Old Same Old

Nothing new to report really. Things have been their usual nutty and wonderful way around here this past week. I have found my groove again with knitting and been hitting it full stride for the past few days. Been able to finish up that first pair of socks for she who cannot be named, finished a hat that started out for the man but ended up too small and will be a Christmas present for the L boy.

I need new knitting needles to complete two of my projects (and more in the future) so that needs to happen fast. I'm almost done with A's hat for Christmas and I am really pleased with how the yarn is working up. After that is done, I only have about 4.5 more projects to complete. Easy peasy right?! (gulp) At least there are days left in the teens. Going to try to knock out a project every other day and work on an additional one in between (if that makes any sense).

Oh, on a sad front. The wee ones shoved the camera memory card wayyyyy far in to the computer (my fault for leaving it within arms reach totally). So I have to dig out the cord that will let me load directly from my camera's internal memory before I can post any more pics. I hope to have that found today so that we can get some new ones up.

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