Sunday, December 26, 2010

Transformers, more than meets the eye

Ah Christmas. It was a particularly great one this year. The kids were so thankful for all of their gifts and Santa brought a few of the key things on their list.

While all of the presents were really fun, L's main "Santa" gift was an Optimus Prime that really transforms in to the truck (quite large and really neat looking). As high as his level of excitement was for Optimus, he also happened to want him transformed immediately. Andy and I pulled out the instructions, thinking that it would be a relatively simple process. After all, he had Transformers when he was a kid, and I played with my brothers. How hard could it be?

27 steps, yes, 27... 5 hours of trying, taking breaks, trying again, cursing, muttering and being near tears. After 5 hours I finally got it. Lesson learned, a level 5 rating does not equate to "awesome factor" as I deduced from it's reviews. In fact, it relates to the level of transformation (the box kindly explains this), and "Santa" happened to choose a level 5. Expert. Not intermediate, or easy. Expert.

The good news. I can now put him in to truck mode in 10 minutes flat. I discovered this after Landon took him OUT of truck mode about 30 minutes after my first completion. Hooray for Transformer super mom!

Merry Christmas to everyone. Pictures of the holidays to follow soon. Just need to figure how to get them on to my new computer.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

I must apologize to anyone who has actually tried looking up my blog over the past year and found absolutely nothing. To say that I've slacked would be quite the understatement. As I logged back on to the site, I was sure that my last post would have been a few months ago, at most 6 months, but no! I haven't posted since D's birthday LAST year!

A large reason for the blog revival is due to the fact that I have cancelled my FaceBook account. I wanted a way to share updates on school and the family, but decided that FB was no longer the way to pass all of that information along. This is a much easier way, a place where I can simply give our updates and share pics safely.

So, stayed tuned. I will be posted updates regularly, at least as life permits!