Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Blog Neglected (Thanksgiving and a birthday)

Whoa it's been a while. To say that we've been busy would be an understatement. We took on the oh so very long drive to and from Houston, TX for Thanksgiving and made the round trip plus visit in just over a week. It was an awesome time, we visited with my mother in-law's family who lives down there and had a week-long party with 16 of us in total. The anticipation of the trip is always huge, especially since we don't live minutes away from them any more and we know it's an every other year thing. There is always game playing, lots of people (and dogs this year) for the kids to play with, and good grown-up conversation for the husband and I.

This year his cousin and cousin's wife hosted in their new house which was great! It was definitely a new spin on the holiday (usually hosted at his other aunt's house) and I think everyone really had a good time. Along with the mass of people there were 4 dogs which meant that the kids were in heaven. L made a new best friend with Hank the Weimaraner who also became the personal guard dog for Miss A. It was really too cute to watch.

Here are a few pics from the dinner, including me carving my feast of Tofurky. Miss A really liked it too which made me happy, and it was an awesome and huge meal for everyone. D made green beans wrapped in bacon and set the table, both were a hit!

Additionally, yesterday was my (gulp) 29th birthday. Just one year away from being completely out of my 20's, a thought that scares and intrigues me all at the same time. My mother in-law joked that this would be the age I forever say that I am and I like that idea! Hubby took me out yarn shopping (oh the yarn goodness) and then to dinner and a movie. We saw Twilight which was eh, just okay. The lead vampire was worth watching for hotness factor alone, but it was clearly geared more towards the teen crowd. That said, having a date night where we did not have to worry about the kids, and watching ANY movie, was completely awesome.

Christmas projects are coming along nicely despite not knitting one bit during our trip. More soon!

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