Monday, January 13, 2014

School, again...

Today marks the start of the Spring semester and I'd like to throw up at this point. I've dropped one class that the Nursing Department told me I didn't need to take/shouldn't take given the other classes I'm going to be in so at least that is a good thing. Tonight I have Medical Microbiology (lecture and lab back to back), tomorrow will be Algebra (vomit), Wednesday more micro, Thursday is Pharmacology all freaking day and then more math at night, and that is my weekly schedule.

On Thursday I had my meeting with the head counselor for the Nursing Department and I am damn close... So close that I will be making my first attempt at the HESI exam mid February! My study guide for that should arrive tomorrow. I have four attempts and need to score as high as possible.

That's all for now. My brain hasn't fully kicked on yet (coffee is still in the mug). Just trying to get back in the habit of actually coming over here and writing.

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