Friday, January 10, 2014

a revamp instead of a complete do-over

Well I'm thinking it is a good idea for me to start putting shit on paper instead of just letting it fester in my head. I'll be honest, I tried to start a completely new blog on WordPress and couldn't get the program to download properly, then I tried to delete my old blogs on here to start completely fresh and couldn't even figure that shit out. So here I sit, too lazy to research how to fix any of that, and instead, turning this blog in to something a bit different than it was before.

Yes, if anyone is even still reading this, I will be doing family updates here at some point (as the mood strikes me). I'll also be focusing more on knitting, and running, and my mental health which are all large focuses for me at this point.

I'm not setting any real goals as far as posting every so often, or what I am supposed to write about, I just want this to be a place for me to come and vent, or cry, or celebrate, even if it is privately.

So tonight, I've got quiet children, a small Valentines Day knitting project, a Tervis full of vodka and soda and a few good foreign flicks to watch. Yup, I'm okay with that.

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