Monday, January 24, 2011

That Sickening Feeling

It started this morning. That sickening feeling that you get in your stomach when you know something is coming that you aren't completely prepared for. When I left the house this morning to take the little guys to preschool, I cheerfully commented to Andy "it's your last week of work!" It wasn't until I was on my way to school that it really hit me. This is his last week of work...

This is his last full week here... This is his last full week with the kids until we move...

I am not sure how to process these feelings. I've done a great job of pretending like the situation didn't exist until now. Filled my days with thoughts of how short the time would be, or simply refusing to think about it at all.

The reality is that we will have 5 months apart from each other. 5 months where we will Skyp, call, mail, etc. But there will be few times for real interaction. We've been doing our best to prep the kids so that there isn't a major fall-out. We know that there will be despite our best efforts.

I have a full week and three days left with my husband, before he moves 1/2 way across country to bravely start a new life for us, one where we will be able to live up to the goals and dreams that we've talked about for several years. I cannot imagine how hard it is for him, I only know the pain that I feel, and that I still have the kids here to comfort me and I to comfort them. Who will comfort him?

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weliveintheforest said...

5 months is a long time... but you can get through it! ((hugs))