Sunday, January 16, 2011

And So It Begins, Again

I have just over one day left until the Spring semester starts. I just opened my "school" e-mail, hoping that my professors may have e-mailed to hint at first lectures, send the syllabus, etc. Little did I know that this would lead me to feel completely and totally dizzy and frightened.

This semester I will be taking Women's Studies, US History (1890-present), English (yes, another one), Human Development, and Anatomy and Physiology II. I haven't heard from any of my professors with the exception of my A&P Professor. I took her class last semester and really enjoyed the class and her teaching style. That said, it absolutely kicked my ass. She sent the course outline today with exam dates (her exam schedule is crazy, every 2 wks or so) and our first lecture series on the Central Nervous System. The PowerPoint set is 95 slides long. Um excuse me WHAT?! 95 slides, with our CNS exam on February 4th, 2 weeks away from now. I could throw up.

Side note. I am SO excited that Natalie Portman won Best Actress for Black Swan. She was brilliant in the movie and I think she's just adorable in general. Have to admit that I am pretty pissed that The Social Network won for Best Picture. Inception and Black Swan were far superior, but it just goes to show that we really do live in a Facebook society.

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