Friday, November 14, 2008

A letter for A on her birthday

My dearest Princess P. I cannot believe that we are already a year in to your awesome and sweet life. It was one year ago, almost to the minute, that our midwife told dad and I that we could come in to the hospital. Words cannot describe how excited we were to meet you. An hour later my water broke and we were in active labor, and then almost 5 hours after that you came in to our world. Our dark haired, mellow, sweet and chunky little girl.

Watching you grow and come in to your own little personality over the past year has been a blessing in so many ways. You remind me to smile, laugh and be happy on a daily basis. Your constant joy at small things around you reminds me to pay attention to those around me. From your first smiles at daddy, to the way you love to cuddle in our arms and now give hugs and kisses, each moment with you is treasured.

You are the light of all of our lives. D and L love you so much too, it's apparent in their daily desire to be with you, play with you and love you. You are such a smart, loving and wonderful little girl and I cannot wait to see what this next year will bring for you and our family.

Love you tons,

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Jari said...

Aw:) *happy tear*

Happy Birthday lil darlin'

Auntie Amanda