Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here Lies Papa Smurf

So this morning I was busy nursing Miss A down for what I hoped would be her morning nap. L was supposed to be quietly watching Kung Fu Panda in our room, which he likes to do first thing in the morning. Alas, he appeared at the baby gate complaining of sticky hands and body. I got about two feet away from him and could smell the toothpaste. It was all over his hands, stomach and legs and I honestly thought that was the worst of it. Oh no, ha, how could I think such a naive thing? I walked in to our bedroom to find what can only be described as a smurf homicide. Gobs and gobs of neon blue toothpaste all over our sheets, pillows and duvet.

These pics are post "clean up/scraping", I should have snapped a few of him in his blue suite as well, but wasn't thinking about blogging at the time. I really should have known better. We lost an entire can of hairspray to the bathroom floor last week when he was going potty. These three year olds, man, I am so underprepared. The mass destruction that they cause in a nanosecond is mind blowing. The crazy thing is, this isn't toothpaste that we would normally have. Oh no, I gave in to the begging and pleading in Target for "Einstein" toothpaste to match his new "Einstein" toothbrush. Had he made this mess with his normal, undyed toothpaste we would still have a yucky mess on our hands, but I wouldn't be near as pretty!

Now we are off to do laundry, and pray that it comes out of my favorite sheets.


Sheila said...

oh noooooo! I hope it came out. It should be water soluble... do you have oxy-clean?

Oh, and I'm tagging you!

lori said...

oooooh that's bad. i bet everything was minty fresh though!