Saturday, October 25, 2008

She's Walking

Yes, Miss A is walking. It's official. She beat out her big brother and sister by several months. Neither of them walked until they were 14/15 months and she is walking at 11 months! We were at my parents house last weekend and she loved pushing around a walker thing that we found in their basement. Practically ran with it. But nothing more than a step or two without a hand or something else to hold.

On the 25th (when I originally started this post) I was on the floor with her in their room and the next thing I knew she was coming at me. She walked several feet to me all on her own. I will try to get live footage to post soon but here is a pic of her last weekend, multi-tasking with an apple and her walker.

So, I apologize for the serious delay in updates! I feel like I've neglected my poor fledgling blog because of lifes insanities but I promise I'll be better. I hope I'll have some pictures soon of a pumpkin patch that we went to with some awesome friends, and maybe some vido of A walking.

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Jari said...

And I was 'there' when it all started <3