Tuesday, October 14, 2008

no knitting allowed

Last night I had the rare but awesome chance to get out of the house all on my own, take a train downtown Chicago, and get paid good money to talk with other moms about a new ad campaign. The thought of getting out and venturing down there alone made me giddy. I might even arrive a few minutes early and get to knit.

Andy saw me packing up my knitting and promptly declared "no knitting allowed on the train. It will make you look vulnerable!" Now, I get that it's something that a lot of people associate with little old ladies in a shop, but I really didn't see the issue. I grew up here, I took the train on my own all of the time when I was much younger and much more naive. I was actually a bit put off that he was giving me so little credit as to be able to spot someone scoping me out or acting shady.

I knitted on the train and loved it. I was much more aware of my surroundings than more than half of the trains occupants, who were wearing iPods. Plus, honestly, if it really came down to it my circulars would act as a nice weapon. What it really boils down to though is that I still try to find the good in people, in humanity. We are faced with so many ugly and horrid things on a daily basis that it is often hard to keep faith that people are good. But they are, we are.

Once my camera recharges I'll post pics of the progress I am making. Currently working on L's sweater for Christmas using this pattern and Cascade 220 (my new fav wool yarn).

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cat said...

hey! i'm almost done with xi's pullover from that same pattern...hehe we'll have to post pics of our handy work! :)

how did it go in town? sounds like a nice break to me! :D