Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

I must apologize to anyone who has actually tried looking up my blog over the past year and found absolutely nothing. To say that I've slacked would be quite the understatement. As I logged back on to the site, I was sure that my last post would have been a few months ago, at most 6 months, but no! I haven't posted since D's birthday LAST year!

A large reason for the blog revival is due to the fact that I have cancelled my FaceBook account. I wanted a way to share updates on school and the family, but decided that FB was no longer the way to pass all of that information along. This is a much easier way, a place where I can simply give our updates and share pics safely.

So, stayed tuned. I will be posted updates regularly, at least as life permits!


Autumn said...

So glad you're back at the blog!! I'm trying to work on mine more often, but you know me ;)


Ginny said...

I wondered where your facebook had gone! I was looking for you to message you about my collection of porcelain dolls... they've been sitting in storage for ten years, they'll probably be in storage for another ten if I keep them, so I was looking to give them away and wondering if either of your girls would like to have some of them. They were very dear to me once so I like the idea of giving them to family if I can find any takers. I have about eight, none of them particularly valuable or collectible, all different hair and clothing styles. If you're interested let me know and we can talk details.