Friday, June 19, 2009

life in general

It's finally starting to feel like summer and that means that we've been outside a ton. Great for me, the kids, life in general. Not so good for keeping the blog udpated!

Not much new to report. D is in partial-day arts and crafts summer camp and we are in the process of registering L for preschool! Work is going well for Andy and I am excited to get started with school in the fall. Just hoping that some of the federal grant funds come through so that I can actually afford it!

I've been busy knitting whenever I get a free moment. Socks are still my passion, however I have a wrap and a shawl on the needles, as well as a very neglected sweater that would be super cute if I ever finished it!

I'll leave you with some current (or at least recent in D's case, preteens HATE having their pictures taken) photos of the kids!

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Jari said...

Aw Ava looks so cute in that!!